Junk Removal Services

Scotty's hauling provides a quick & easy solution for disposing of unwanted items including old household items. Whether it’s a couch, mattress or computer, we’ll take that household item off your hands with our fast and easy junk pick up service

Bulk Junk Removal

Has someone left a couch near the garbage bin or a mattress inside the bin.  We can quickly come and remove those items so they do not interfere with your garbage collection day. Has furniture or other items been abandoned in the hallway, we can make sure to remove those items before they become a fire hazard.

Bedbug Infestation Removal

Do you have a bed bug infestation?

Do you have a bed bug infestation?  We have 15 years experience in dealing with bed bug-infested furniture.  We will fully wrap and remove any unwanted furniture and dispose of them. By wrapping each item we are helping to stop the transfer of bed bugs in the building.

Estate Clean-Outs

Do you have an estate that needs to be cleaned out of all the items that have been left behind? We understand that this can be a very sensitive and difficult time; we can come in and take care of all that needs to be removed.  We can remove a few items or clean out an entire household.  Garbage Room Cleanout

  • We remove everything, We do all the work, We donate.

Free, no-obligation estimates include all labour and disposal costs.

Garbage Bin Repair

City Commercial and Residential Garbage Bins

Does your company need a garbage bin repaired? Are the wheels falling off and making the bins difficult to move? We can repair the wheels so you can get your garbage to the curb smoothly again.

Garbage Chute Unclogging

A clean garbage chute

Do you have a garbage chute that has become clogged?  We will come in and clean the chute out so that garbage is flowing again.

Yard Waste/Work Site Clean Up

Have you recently cleaned up your yard or built a new fence and need the old one removed? We can come and take care of the removal of all the debris and yard waste left behind.

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Reliable Junk Removal Services in Winnipeg

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